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Jingjiang Meijia Pump Co., Ltd. is located in No.36 Xintai Road, Jingjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. It is a professional company engaged in the production, sales and after-sales of single screw pump and high-quality single screw pump spare parts. Meijia pump industry has many experienced, mature technology, high quality, can fully trust screw pump design, manufacturing, testing, complete sets of engineers. With advanced technology, perfect structure, various forms, complete specifications and durability, Mejia single screw pump is widely used in environmental protection water treatment, chemical industry, paper and pulp, food and pharmaceutical, petrochemical, energy and other industries; Meijia pump industry also provides the world's single screw pump brand general accessories, strong production capacity, rich practical experience and mature technical advantages to our products to provide a stable guarantee. The company's after-sales service center has a number of experienced engineers composed of after-sales service team, to provide customers with thoughtful after-sales service. After long-term and careful comparison, different users will have the same findings: Meijia single screw pump products can be competent in different environment, different working conditions year after year operation, Meijia pump industry is your most trustworthy partner, welcome leaders from all walks of life to visit and guide.