• Screw pump

Screw pump

Equipped with equal wall thickness stator screw pump, the same pump specifications pump flow and pressure have a certain increase. Stator equal wall thickness ensures uniform rubber stress, has a longer service life, the more expensive fluorine rubber, such as the use of equal wall thickness stator production can reduce the cost of the whole pump.

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Factory direct sale

The introduction of foreign advanced equipment and manufacturing process, in strict accordance with ISO quality system production, quality stability, and has its own rubber formula technology, according to the different requirements of customers to carry out formula design.


Supply stable

Large-scale production, low production cost, cost-effective, fast delivery time.


Quality certification

According to customer requirements and industry characteristics to "tailor", can provide customers with system solutions.


Service support

After-sales Service timely, jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area to respond to the 24-hour after-sales Service, other areas to respond to the 72-hour after-sales Service.

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